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Rockwood Electric Utility
Schedule of Rates

Effective April 1, 2018



Residential Rate – “applies only to electric service to a single-family dwelling and its appurtenances, where the major use of electricity is for domestic purposes such as lighting, household appliances, and the personal comfort and convenience of those residing therein…

General Power Rate – “applies to the firm power requirements for electric service to commercial, industrial, and governmental customers; institutional customers including but not limited to, churches, clubs, and like customers, except to whom service is available under other resale rate schedules.



Customer Charge $16.29  
Energy Charge .09667¢ per kWh

General (GSA Part 1; < 50 kW demand)

Customer Charge #1 $17.89  
Customer Charge #2 $29.34  
Energy Charge (all kWh) .11412¢ per kWh

General (GSA Part 2; 50–1,000 kW demand; > 15,000 kWh)

Customer Charge $85.78  
Energy Charge (1st 15,000 kWh) .11433¢ per kWh
Energy Charge (Additional kWh) .05994¢ per kWh
kW, 0-50 No Charge
kW, 51-1,000 $17.15 per kW

General (GSA Part 3; > 1,000 kW demand)

Customer Charge $200.00  
Energy Charge (all kWh) .05994¢ per kWh
kW, 0-1,000 $16.35 per kW
kW, 1,001-5,000 $18.61 per kW

Outdoor Lighting

Energy Charge .06315¢ per kWh

A “Schedule of Terms and Conditions” as well as a “Schedule of Rules and Regulations” are available upon request.  Please contact one of our customer service representatives for these and other available rates not listed above.


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