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***** Attention! *****

Scam Alert

Rockwood Electric Utility has just been notified that there is an individual posing as one of our representatives. This person is telling our customers that they owe a past due amount on their utility bill, but if they will give them a certain amount, it will settle their debt. THIS IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!! Share this message with as many as possible. If you know of any elderly living alone, please contact and update them of this scam. Please BE ALERT and BE AWARE.

***** Attention! *****

Scam Calls Alert

It has been brought to our attention that some of our customer are receiving calls from someone claiming to be a representative from Rockwood Electric Utility. The caller is stating that the customer's bill is delinquent and asking for his or her banking information. THIS IS A SCAM!!! PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! Rockwood Electric does not call our customers asking for their personal information. If you receive any calls like this, please hang up and report it to your local Police department.

Thank you for your cooperation!

** Revised Service Practice Policies
SMART ENERGY PROGRAM Rockwood Electric is proud to introduce its new SMART ENERGY PROGRAM.
Click the image above to learn more.

Tree Trimming Specifications

Due to recent frigid temperatures and other inclement weather, electric bills increased dramatically for all of Rockwood Electric Utility’s customers, placing a financial burden on many immediately after the holidays.

There is no better time than now for you to sign up for our SmartEnergy Program.

Although this is not a substitute for other energy efficiency programs, we believe this can be a significant part of the solution to help you control energy usage and save money every day, especially during extreme weather.  Furthermore, this program gives the utility a means for controlling demand during peak periods which helps the utility and its customers.

Take advantage of this FREE program now by clicking on the SmartEnergy image to learn more and sign up for installation.  Do it now while the weather is mild and before summer.

To assist its customers, Rockwood Electric Utility has engaged the services of Utility Partners of America, LLC to implement a call campaign to determine if you qualify for the program and assist you with signing up.  In the very near future, you should be receiving a call from one of their customer service representatives on behalf of Rockwood Electric Utility.  They will share information about the program with you.  If you qualify, they will also be able to assist you in scheduling an appointment for installation.

1RP3® is a registered service mark of APPA.
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